I Love My Flaws, Do You?


You know, I could of looked in the mirror today and picked at every ‘flaw’ I have.
I am not even going to say them, because they are not worth my time or energy.
I personally believe we only think we have ‘flaws’ because society made ‘standard’ or ‘expectation’


Today I choose to look at myself with so much worth, self love and gratitude.

I nourish my body with amazing high quality food. I move my body with excersise that feels good for my soul.
My body has overcome heartache, grief, anxiety.
My body has dealt with abuse, from myself and others.
I can smell, hear, taste, touch, see.
I can walk through nature with ease.
I can hold my husbands hand.
I can play with my fur kids.

Oh my goodness, my body allows me to do so much.

So I choose to focus on what my body provides me every single day.

Not the excess weight on my stomach.

Not the natural hair I can not dye.

Not the small butt.

I love myself and you should too.

Love and hi-fives,

Rhi xo.

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