Living Authentically.

Why is it so hard for us to live authentically?
Have you ever acted a certain way infront of one person, then acted completely different around someone else? Scared to have them both in the same room worried the lies and false beliefs you have told them will come up to the surface.
That was me in my early 20s.
Always trying to be someone I am not around every person hoping I don’t step on their toes, hoping everyone will like me, that someone will just come along and just let me be me.

Do you know how fucking draining that is? Keeping up with what you told everyone? Hoping you don’t fuck up your own fake story?
It sucks!

This year has been my year to really figure out who I am, my values, by beliefs, where I want my energy and money to go, what I love and don’t have time for. So I can live whole heartedly and authentically.

I catch myself sometimes about to say something and I hold back, because I realise in that moment I was choosing to please other people over being myself.

So this is your reminder
To find out who you are, be that person around every single person to connect with. The people who are not your people will float away and make space for the people that you are craving right now to be in your life.

I love everyone who is in my life, because I know they love me for me as that’s who I am every day. Not someone else. 


Love and hi-fives,

Rhi xox

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