We are so disconnected in such a connected world.

We are so disconnected in such a connected world.

We can pour our hearts out to a stranger on social media, but can’t make the time to have coffee with a loved one.
We are so infatuated by the online reality, that we completely ignore the person serving our food as our eyes are glued to our screens like a zombie.
We choose to glue our eyes to our phones while laying back to back with the loves our life in bed.
We wake up, and wonder what has happened on Facebook before asking how your loved ones slept, or even saying good morning.
We can talk for hours online with someone, but when we meet in person it is sooo socially awkward.
We say it’s hard to find good friends, but thought of having a conversation in person makes you anxious AF.
We have our dinner watching TV rather than convocation at a dinner table.

It’s so interesting to watch the reaction of people that ‘serve me’ when I ask them how their day was, what are their plans for the weekend and wish them a wonderful day. It’s like I am foreign.

The lady I buy my fuel from, the young kid that puts my groceries through, the girl that makes my coffee, we are in a society where we are forgetting that the people that ‘serve us’ are humans too.

People want to know where customer satisfaction has gone, I want to know where human kindness has gone. Where human connection has gone.

We want all these things, like more love, more connection, more appreciation, more communication. But we won’t put down our technology and give love, give connection, hold a conversation without technology distracting us.

Fuck we go out to dinner with family or friends and we are on our phone, either taking a photo of our food seeing what the outside world thinks, or HAVING A CONVOCATION WITH SOMEONE ELSE THAT ISN’T SITTING IN FRONT OF YOU!

I actually remember sitting in a cafe alone, watching the world around me and i noticed this girl on her phone constantly and her mum just had this look in her eyes like, please just talk to me. I wanted to sit there and ask her how she was. It was horrible.

Don’t get me wrong, I make the mistakes sometime. I pick up the phone while I am in a cafe with friends, or while I am talking to my husband, or sometimes will fall asleep watching shit on youtube. But I am keeping myself aware, as soon as I notice I stop.

But so many of us don’t notice. We don’t even realise that we are living our lives through a screen. We stay online to feel connected, but we are so disconnected.
So ask yourself this,
Do you stay off your phone and have a soulful conversation with your loved ones when they are in front of you?
Do you stay off your phone when you are being served by someone? Or better yet do you ask how they are? Hold a convo with them?
Do you go some place new and just ENJOY the place surrounding you rather than taking a photo?
Do you make time to connect with people in person rather than just online?
Do you go to bed with your partner and enjoy each other’s company for the first time all day rather than your phone, which you have had attached to your hip all day?

And if you say no to these questions, what can you do to change that?
I deleted my app for Facebook off my phone, I have a newsfeed killer on both of my computers, so I literally can not see what anyone posts on facebook unless they tag me in it, or message me about it or tell me in person.
I keep my phone on silent and have no notifications popping up on my phone so I don’t feel attached to my phone.
I leave my phone in my bag as often as I remember too so I am not distracted.
I put my phone on airplane mode as soon as I lay in bed so I don’t have the desire to touch it.

Did my world stop spinning? No! Do I feel like I am missing out? No!

I feel so much freedom! I feel connected to the world and the beautiful souls around me!
Try doing it sometime. ✌️

Please feel free to share if you agree! 

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