What happens when you out grow the people in your life?

You are at a point in your life where you are noticing the people that surround you are slowly stepping back.

You start to wonder,

“What am I doing wrong?” 

“Why don’t they call me anymore?”

“I thought she was my best friend.” 

It’s funny how our inner bad bitch tells us it’s out fault, we are the ones who have done something wrong. That we are pushing them away.

Then, they tell you that you have ‘changed’. You are not the person they fell in love with and all that fucking bullshit.

That bad bitch in your head once again reminds you that YOU fucked up. It’s your doing yet again. But, is it really a bad thing?

Maybe you have pushed them away. Maybe you have not made as much effort. Maybe you can’t be fucked sometimes.

Have you thought about it in a way where maybe, just maybe you have outgrown them?

They are still drinking heavily every weekend and out at the clubs. Now you are happy to chill at home with your pups and get balls deep into an amazing self development book.

Every time you do see them, they speak of so much drama and negative vibes. When you are focusing on being the best version of you and practising gratitude everyday.

In your relationship with your partner, they are happy to just sit and watch TV, mindlessly scroll on social media and you are CRAVING adventure.

I am writing this to tell you that it’s okay to out grow people.

It doesn’t make the other person a bad soul. It just means they have done what they needed to do for you in this life time. They could of taught you something that has changed your life for the better, or shown you what you are truly worthy of. They have done what they needed to do, and it’s time to let go.

If they aren’t on the same vibration as you, they may approach you in a negative way. In my eBook, “It’s Okay To Be Selfish” I talk about a friendship I had that ended because I outgrew him, but he didn’t see it that way. I forgave him for looking at it that way because, he hasn’t learnt the things I have learnt yet and that’s okay. When the time is right, he will.

“But Rhi, I love them and care for them greatly. Surely it isn’t that simple.”

I hear you, don’t worry. It isn’t as simple as dropping them off the face of your world. You don’t have to delete them off everything and forget they ever existed. Just allow yourself to detach from them. If you don’t want to hang out with them, then don’t. Politely decline and say you are busy.

You deserve people in your life that make you want to be better everyday, not people who weigh you down.

You deserve to live your life freely and to be the person you want to be.

You deserve to enjoy your time on this earth the way you want to.

Remember, it’s okay to be selfish.

Love and hi-fives,
Rhi xo.


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