Be the best version of yourself.

Don’t fucking tell me you can’t be who you want to be.

It’s quite simple.

You write down what it is you want.

You ask yourself; “If I had XY what would I think, do, be?” And write the answers down.

Make an actionable list that you can do right now and do the work.

You are the only one that can fire that friend.

You are the only one that can get your arse to the gym.

You are the only one that says no to the chocolate and yes to the salad.

You are the only one that chooses your spendings.

You are the only one that says yes or no to a date.


You have the fucking choice.


Work with the end in mind, figure out the steps you can take RIGHT NOW and do the work.


If you are thinking, it’s too hard, this person is to blame, I just can’t be motivated enough to do it, I don’t think I can.

Then you don’t want it bad enough.

The pain isn’t strong enough for you to change.


Are you happy in your skin? Or do you really want to be healthier?

Are you happy in your relationship? Or is there something that you can work on OR walk out of.

Are you happy with your finances? Or can you be more disciplined OR bring in a higher income.


You stay where you are because you are comfortable. And you are so fucking scared for change.


What if I still hate myself after losing weight?

Well, you hate how yourself now, why would you want to stay in the same mindset and physical outlook?

What if you don’t find anyone else that loves you if you leave them?

What about, what if you stay with them until you die and NEVER feel what love truly feels like?

What if I lose that job that brings more money in?

What about if you stay in your current job and never get to live the life you have always wanted?


Think about that.


You have the fucking choice.

Stay how you are, unhappy and feeling lost.


Or create the fucking change.


Are you with me?

Let me help you, only if you are ready to put in the work.

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