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Rhi's Toolbox for an Authentic Life

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  • Connection

    Having a deep connection with others, mother nature, God/Universe & of course, yourself - allows you to lead a life from love and never from fear. We are all one. Connecting on a non-judgemental, heartfelt level allows us to spread love further than we can physically reach.

  • Work / Life Harmony

    We spend 90,000 hours on average working. Which takes up approximately ⅓ of your life. Making sure what you do for work is something that lights up your life. It’s a lot harder to create a happier life if you are not happy with your work.

  • Self-love & care

    The saying goes, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” You cup should ALWAYS be full and ONLY ever give to others what overflows. Your attitude towards life depends on how you show up for yourself every day. 

  • Intuition

    Have you ever had a “gut feeling” where you ignored it and after the situation has passed, you wished you listened to that feeling? That’s your intuition. Learning how to understand your intuition is one of the most valuable tools to life. Being able to connect and embody this will always lead you to a life without regrets.

  • Communication

    Being able to communicate in a way where not only you can listen and understand others, but also be HEARD is something we all crave more of in life. There are so many amazing ways to communicate better to minimise assumptions, expectations, comparisons and arguments with everyone we love.

  • Boundaries

    The most compassionate people in the world are those who have the strongest boundaries. If you are someone that always feels like people walk all over you, and you don’t know where the good people are in the world. It’s because you are unaware of your own standards and boundaries. Uncovering this eliminates toxic people and environments and manifests all the beauty in the world.

  • Rituals

    Successful people do continuously what unsuccessful people do occasionally. A ritual is an absolute non-negotiable habit you show up to no matter what is going on in your life. A ritual is the 2.0 to a healthy habit. To create the change you are craving, you require authentic rituals to help you along the way.

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FREE Worksheet: Bring your desires to life