24 Weeks Pregnant – My Self Love Challenges

Rhi 24 weeks

{ 24 weeks <3 }

This week I had my first challenge with my mental attitude towards my self image.

I share a lot of positive stuff online; however I am sharing this with you so you know that I am not super woman and self love is a constant practice you do for yourself every fucking day.

So for Melissa Ambrosini’s event yesterday I needed to be in all black. I own so much black stuff but nothing fits.

I went to the shop and I shit you not I went through 10 clothing stores just to find a plain black dress that was comfy.

EVERYTHING I tried on made me FEEL fat rather than pregnant.

Every size I picked up was too small.

I was starting to feel very flustered and miserable that I couldn’t find something that made me feel good.

I ended up finding something in Big W in the maternity section. Although I still didn’t love it, I was on a time schedule and needed something fast.

In a moment like that I turn to my soul circle and ask them to slap me in the face.

Jenny and Kimberley, who work in the bulk food store copped it as I flew in there and sighed; “Please remind me I am pregnant and not fat! I am having a moment!”

They gave me my reality check. (Thank you ladies! <3 )

So did my mum as I was being a next level stress head trying to look good for Melissa. šŸ˜‰ haha

I got home and felt like I hadn’t breathed all morning.

I laid on my bed, cuddled my puppies and told myself.

I am beautiful.
I am grateful my body is creating life with ease.
I am not fat, I am pregnant.
I love my body for what it does for me.

And so on.

After some deep breaths and a bit of self care I was back to being level headed.

I love knowing the tricks to bring myself out of a funk with ease now. It used to take me days to get out of a “fat mindset”

I would wear over sized shirts and eat ice cream and just be sad for myself.

Now within hours, sometimes even minutes I snap out of it.

It’s all in the self awareness, routine and practice now.

Knowing the tools to get myself out of shit mindset has saved me soooo much misery.

It’s helped my self worth, how much I believe in myself, my relationships with everyone in my life and of course the relationship with myself.

You will never get better at something if you don’t practice it daily.

The more you practice, the less bad days you will have.

Wouldn’t you want more of a happy, self love filled life? <3

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