A letter to the souls I need to let go of.

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A letter to the souls I to let go of.
They say it’s challenging to let go of those who no longer serve you.
But they don’t talk about the days that go by after you let them go.
I often wonder how you’re doing.
How many kids you might have.
If you’re getting treated right by somebody.
If you think of me and our fun times.
If you’re happy.
I have even opened up a blank text to message you.
To ask you how you are.
To say sorry.
To remind you that I do care.
And then I remember.
You have served me.
I have learnt what I need to from you.
I can not hold space for you any more.
I must simply love you from afar and send you good vibes.
You see, I know we hurt each other.
We both know we were at fault in some way or another.
But that doesn’t mean I think you’re a bad person.
So thank you.
I love you.
I am sorry.
I forgive you.
This is a reminder to anyone who reads this.
That its okay to want people back into your life.
It doesn’t mean you should greet them back into your life.
But its normal to still care about them.
Its normal to miss them.
And it’s okay to let them go.

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