Are you being your true self?

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Fuck being anything but your true self.

My whole life I have had opinions thrown at me.

You’re too loud.

You’re too intense.

You’re too blunt.

You’re too flirtatious.

You shouldn’t wear that for your body type.

You shouldn’t swear.

You shouldn’t post that online.

You can’t hang with those people.

You can’t have coloured hair and be professional.

You can’t get married so young.

There was a good part of my life that I sheltered my sparkle.

I hid the part of me that made me feel like I’m thriving.

I felt hidden.
I felt alone.

And when I did that I still got opinions.

You’re boring.

You’re acting older then you are.

Why are you so quiet?

You’re dressing like an old woman.

It was then I realised that no matter what I did, or who I was. People were going to give me their 2 cents worth.

So, I decided to be me.

To be okay with changing and growing.

I now accept that a year ago I had a belief that I now completely disagree with and ignore others when they point out that I am a hypocrite.

Because I am allowed to change my views.
I’m allowed to grow.
I am allowed to be me.

And so are you!

Are you ready to embrace YOU?

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