Are you walking your talk?

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Are you aware of the moments where you are NOT walking your talk?

You know, those moments where you tell the world that you are living and breathing a belief but behind closed doors, you are doing the EXACT opposite.

I have been thinking about the whole walking your talk bizzo a lot lately because I have noticed a few people not walking their talk.

Which made me ask myself, do I walk my talk?
At first, I said yeah. Of course, I do!

However this afternoon I was listening to an audiobook and it was talking about how us humans, fuck up all the time AND the best part is? It’s totally okay to fail.

You don’t have to feel like you have your shit together all the time.
Because having your shit together all the time means life would be boring.

We fear failure, but without failure, there is no growth.

So I want to share with you moments that I am completely aware of that I have not walked my talk..

Some are old, some are recent, some I probably will do again and again until it’s a habit I can not undo.

I have posted how much weight I have lost online, showing how fucking epic my new body looks – Only to binge eat a whole tub of ice cream after.

I have praised the importance of gratitude in every moment – and had moments where I said fuck everything.

I have said to you guys online love every part of your body – While wishing for a boob job because they just never sat right.

I have said that when someone is toxic in my life I cut all ties – Only to on occasion check their social media page and wonder how they are doing? Are they happy?

I have complained at my husband, my brother and my mum multiple times that they are always on their fucking phone – Only to lay in bed for hours not saying a word to Ashley, just mindlessly scrolling the internet.

I have read soooo many money books and recommended them to heaps of people – and still have my bank account go negative from time to time, or need to make a payment plan on a bill I knew was coming.

I have said that if your relationship isn’t making you happy anymore, leave – Only to stay in relationships wayyyy too fucking long.

I have said to practice patience daily and breathe in moments where there’s overwhelm – Only to scream SHUT THE FUCK UP out loud when it gets all too much.

I practised my affirmations, hypno-birthing, visualisations – and look down at my belly and had the fear that he may not make it through the birth.

I have told many many people they are responsible for every action, choice and thought they make – only to blame other people for my situations.

I have said how fucked up it is how butchers kill animals – and had a big steak that night.

I have said to never fucking judge or bully – only to rip the shit out of people behind closed doors.

The beauty of knowing I have done or do these things is that I am consciously aware. I am aware that I don’t walk my talk all the time. I know that I have room for improvement, we are always improving.

So my question to you is this;

Do you know where you are not walking your talk?
Do you say one thing and do the exact opposite?

Are you aware, or are you in denial?

Self-awareness is HUGE and when you ace your own awareness that’s when your life shifts.

Own up on your mistakes.
Look at them as lessons.
Grow from them.

It’s the only way to get you closer to that dream life. 

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