Calm house, calm baby.

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Calm house = calm baby.

I am a HUGE believer in this. Are you?

Baby’s are so frikken smart and can pick up on our emotions. They really are our teachers.

There was a day last week I was pretty stressed out. Every little thing was just getting to me. The day started out great and one thing triggered my stress.

Atlas was amazing all day until that moment. I put him down to deal with the situation and he just screamed. Cried. Didn’t want me to hold him. Nothing that usually settles him worked. The only thing that worked was being in Ashley’s arms away from me.

I asked Ashley to take him, let me have a shower and wash away the stress so I could regroup.

Once I felt calm I held Atlas again and he was his bright giggly self.

This has happened to Ashley also when he has had a stressful day.

I have asked professionals about this too! The chiro Atlas and I see has told me the number of women that come in with perfectly aligned babies but are crying, it is reflected by how stressed the mumma is.

Now, I am not saying that we have to live stress-free lives to have perfect babies. I know it’s not that simple. However, it goes to show that self-love and self-care and PUTTING YOURSELF FIRST is vital.

Happy mum = happy baby.

Reach out for help if you need it. Ask friends and family to prep your meals or look after bub so you can nap or just breathe. Sleep when your baby sleeps. The house can wait seriously. Your mental health can’t. Hire a cleaner if you can, they are not that expensive! Even if its a monthly thing to do the things that take a lot of time like bathrooms, walls, windows etc.
Get yourself out in the sun even if it’s for a stroll with baby. Drink water.

Self-care is so vital! Society has taught us its selfish but its actually selfless because you’re a nicer person to be around! I know I am!

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