"Rhi is an amazing coach!

I was so overwhelmed, frazzled, time poor and feeling like I wasn't achieving anything in many areas of my life.

In just one session with Rhi, she practically kicked my ass into gear, made me realise what was and wasn't a priority in my life and helped me put this to action. I walked away from the session like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. My mental state became clear and I feel like I had an action plan to achieve the balance I needed and wanted in my life.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, frazzled, unmotivated, unbalanced in any part of your life you need RHI!!!

- Sheree French

"Rhi is an absolutely amazing coach that is generally interesting and great to connect with.. give you simple and strategic exercises to make you think 🤔"

- Andy

"Rhi, is the best! Had a session with her yesterday and in under a couple of hours, I have so much more clarity on what I want in life, what I don’t want and how to get more of what I need.

Rhi has an amazing style of coaching, she coaches with love and passion yet stern to hold you accountable where needed.

Loved it and would recommend to everyone. ❤️❤️"

- Priyanka

"I had a coaching call today with Rhi. She is freaking amazing!! We identified together where there is room for improvement with things in my day to day life, and then Rhi gave me ideas on things to implement that not only looks after my mental health (preventing me from burning out), but that helps with running my business, along with being a better parent. I’m so excited to implement everything that we talked about and for our follow up next week. Thank you thank you thank you!!!"

- Angela Curtis



Specialising in helping you figure out who you are, then support you to rid your fears of becoming that person because of how society tells you to be.


In the past, this has shown up in previous clients in ways such as;


How to call in the partner of their dreams.

How to show up and commit to their health.

How to confront family/friends/relationship conflict.

How to go after their dreams.


The foundational steps on what to expect working together is something like this.

1: Together we identify what is really going on, the challenges, the blocks, the current situation, a bit of the past to know how you got here.


2: We identify exactly what it is you are trying to achieve.


3: We bridge the gap and come up with a realistic plan to commit to your growth and dream life, by using my logical and intuitive flair.


4: I hold you accountable and help you knock out the bullshit stories you tell yourself along the way.


5: You achieve the results.


All coaching is individualised to suit your needs as I am 100% aware that you are different from every other person.

Some options include;


  • A one-off session where you just need a bit of a kick up the butt.
  • Weekly/fortnightly/monthly sessions where we can meet in person or video chat online.
  • VIP options where in between sessions you have full access to me, my inner circle and all resources I have.
  • A full day 1:1 redesign your life.


If you would love further information on what option would be best for you and your situation, please book in for your free discovery call here, where we can chat more about where you are currently at, where you would like to be and how ready you are to committing to your future. 


Please note you can book a discovery call in with absolutely no obligation to pursue any coaching with me.


It is super important to me to make sure you are comfortable with working together as a team.

I offer the discovery call so you can get a feel for how I work and if your intuition tells you I am the right fit for you.


I really look forward to helping you become the best version of yourself! You deserve this more than you ever know!