Consistency is vital

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It’s vital for your growth.

When you do something once it’s great.

When you do something every single day, it creates the momentum for success.

When you eat well and exercise daily; you will reach a healthy body.

When you put money into savings each pay cycle, you will reach that total for that car, house, holiday.

When you put time aside for that course, you will reach that qualification.

This is why it’s important to work with a coach more than once.

A health coach, money coach, business coach, life coach.

Even a chiropractor, naturopath, nutritionist, personal trainer.

You won’t receive epic results from one session.

But when you show up as many times as you can and do the work, your success rate is far more rapid.

I learnt the hard way a few times with this. I spent big bucks on a one-off event or coaching call. And I never really moved forward.

However when I committed to a daily routine, weekly coaching calls and personal training session, monthly check-ups with my naturopath.
The results didn’t lie.

So if you want to shift something in your life. Find someone epic to help you and commit over and over.
And when you feel like you’ve succeeded, keep on committing to it and you will blossom.

Consistency is vital.



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