Don't lose yourself as a mum

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“I have lost who I am since becoming a mother.”

Someone messaged me this today and I wanted to touch on it.

I used to have this huge resentment of labels.
So much I resented being called a wife, the idea of being called a mother made me cringe.
It was my biggest fear of having Atlas that I would lose myself.

But the thing is,
Those things are just a part of me.
They are not me.

When I strip back the label of wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. Who am I?

That’s what makes me, me.

If you still don’t know who you are after asking yourself that.

Ask yourself who are you NOT?

I’m not a bully. I am not an adrenaline junkie. I am not quiet. I am not a great dancer. 😂

And if you can’t even answer that, ask your friends and family to give you 5 words that describe you.

Its where your passion lies, what you enjoy doing, how you spend time alone.

You’re in there.

Just let her out more often.


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