How to Determine your True Goals


Do you feel like you have a bazzillion goals you want to achieve but NO FRIKKEN IDEA one which ones do to first? 

Well,  invite you to try this process.

Step 1:

Write down all the goals you want to achieve. No matter how big, or small. No matter the time frame. Just anything and everything you want to achieve in your life time at this current point in time.

Step 2:

Ask yourself, what ones of the above goals are to prove a point to someone outside of you?

Are you going to uni because your family expect you to?

Are you buying that fancy car to look better around the ex friends?

Are you losing weight because your partner thinks you are unattractive (but you feel comfortable in your skin)

Are you buying a house because everyone around you is doing it?

Are you wanting your partner to propose because people are pressuring you to?

Really sit with each goal and ask that. Cross out the ones that are borrowed goals. Meaning, ones you have borrowed from someone else because you thought it’s what you “should” be doing.

Step 3: 

Ask yourself, what goal is the one that’s going to ripple effect into all areas of your life? Which goal will improve your overall life?

Is it to improve your health so you can be around for your kids?

Is it to get the promotion to pay off debt you accumulated when you were youngster?

Is it to get savings for that house where you can have your business from?

Number then from 1 upwards (1 being the highest) of ripple effect

Step 4:

Ask yourself out of the left over goals, what is the quickest one to achieve?

Step 5: 

You have your goal! Work on this goal 100% to knock it out of the way. Focusing on one goal at a time helps reduce overwhelm and you get to achieve something quicker, there for more time to celebrate!

Comment and let me know if this has helped!

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