How to get over the heartache

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“How the fuck do I get through this heartache?”

This is a question I have been getting asked a lot lately.

The way I got through the toughest days of my life was 2 simple but challenging steps…

The first one is to face your emotions head-on.

A lot of people say you need to keep busy to keep your mind off it.

If your mind isn’t thinking about it how are you ever meant to handle it / get over it?

It will manifest again and again and keep showing up in your life.

So firstly, sit and embrace the emotion. Whether it’s through journaling, with a trusted nonjudgmental friend or a professional.

The second is creating healthy habits.

Drinking, smoking, taking drugs, having sex with random people, blowing money on your credit card, playing video games, gambling are unhealthy habits that keep your mind active but your overall life a nightmare.

Things like reading, dancing, meditating, exercising, deep connecting sex with your partner, getting in nature, painting, learning something new, seeing a really uplifting friend are just some ways to get yourself in a better mind frame.

A reason why you are not creating healthy habits is that you haven’t dealt with the emotions that are connected to the challenges in your life.

So start with being open, be okay with not being okay and takes steps to the life you deserve.


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