How to stop fighting with your partner.


A LOT of people ask me, “do you ever fight with Ashley? How do you deal with challenges that may arise in your relationship?”

My answer, we haven’t had a ‘heated’ argument in 3 years. When I say heated, I am talking about raised voices, need to walk away from each other, feeling your face go red kind of heated.

How do we deal with any challenges in our relationship? One simple, but important thing. Communication.

Now, this doesn’t just go for your lover, this goes for any relationship really. Today we’re going to talk about your relationship.

You see, as soon as you raise your voice; you are trying to get your point across because the other person is either not listening, blaming you, or won’t let you talk. Which results back to no communication.

If you continue to have the same fight over and over;
“You never help with the kids!”
“Why do you leave your clothes everywhere?”
“Why don’t you tell me about XY?”
“I feel like you don’t love me anymore!”

They keep showing up because you haven’t dealt with the communication problem at hand!

You’re BOTH not listening to each other.
You’re BOTH not sure how to resolve it.
You’re BOTH blaming each other.

Remember, it takes 2 to tango.

If Ashley and I need to have a chat about something, we both remain civil, we both say what we need to say, we don’t blame each other and we both come up with a solution that makes us BOTH happy.

What if your partner doesn’t listen to you? But you are listening to them?

Well, it’s all in the way you react to their actions. If you fuel the fire, it will keep burning.

Are you wanting to learn more about how to help your relationship blossom?

So, are you ready to connect, communicate and love better?

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