I took responsibility for my life.

The moment my life became a beautiful one, was the moment I decided to take responsibility.

For so long, I blamed other people, situations and beliefs I had as to why I wasn’t achieving what I wanted to.

My weight, my love life, my money struggles, my health, my business.

For so long I said, “I have tried EVERYTHING.” when really, I hadn’t

My weight dropped when I took responsibility. 18.7kgs it dropped by.

I called in my soul mate when I took responsibility. I let go of the stories I was telling myself. EG: “Maybe this is the best it gets?”

I found a career path I ADORE when I took responsibility. I let go of blaming the market for why my business wasn’t booming.

I got a handle of PCOS and fell pregnant when I took responsibility. After 10 GPs and specialists said it will be highly unlikely I will ever be a mother.

I had so many excuses.

“It’s just my luck.”

“This is all I am worth.”

“This job will at least give me money I guess.”

“Maybe I am born to be fat.”

I blamed it on EVERYTHING but myself.

When really, that’s all that needed to shift.

I asked myself questions like,
Have I really tried everything?
Is this really all I am worth?
Am I making these excuses up?
What if I do nothing, how will my life look in 10 years?
Is fear winning?
Am I settling?
Is this REALLY what life is about?

I got real with myself.

That’s when I realised, I am not taking control of my life. I was blaming it all on things I had NO control over.

I was the only one that could control what I did or did not put in my mouth.
I was the only one that could walk away from the man I ‘thought’ was the love of my life.
I was the only one that could book time out to focus on my business.
I was the only one that controlled how I invested the money I received.
I was the only one that could continue to look for alternative options when it came to my health.

Not my mum, not old mate down the road.


To be honest, I had no idea what the fuck I was doing, or how I was going to better my life.

I just knew that it was my choice.

It was my choice to pick up that book to read to learn more about self-awareness.
It was my choice to get a coach.
It was my choice.


Are you taking responsibility for your life?

Do you WANT to take responsibility?

How are you going to do that?

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