My PCOS Journey


PCOS. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

So many women I know have it! So many of those women have been told by doctors that they can’t have kids, and the contraceptive pill is recommended until they do want kids to relieve the symptoms. But how will that help those that DO want kids?

After sharing my pregnancy announcement I realised so many women had lost hope falling pregnant because of PCOS or Endometriosis. (I don’t have Endo, but I believe what I do know may help. It’s worth a try right?)

So I want to share my journey on how I found out I had PCOS and how I got to being pregnant.

But before I go on, I must let you know that in no way shape or form do I have a professional in health or medicine or anything like that. This is just my journey and what I did to help myself with PCOS.

I was 16 years old without a period. I was bullied in high school for not having a period. Fucked up hey? Girls thought that something was wrong with me, maybe I wasn’t a girl. It was horrible.

That was my first blow to my self worth about being a woman.

Then a few months later after starting to date my first boyfriend Corey, and losing my virginity and still not having a period, I thought contraception was a smart idea. I quickly learnt condoms were horrible as I have an allergy to latex.

Within weeks of this, I had the most painful experience to this point, in my life.
I remember laying in our spare room with what felt like a knife stabbing me near my hip. Every time I moved I would vomit. The cold sweats were disgusting. I begged mum to call an ambulance.

Living in Greenbank at the time, ambulances took forever! 2 hours I waited in this much pain.

When they saw me, they said

“It’s probably her period for the first time. Here’s pain killers.”

I said fuck no, if this is period pain rip my ovaries out now I am NOT going through this.

They ended up taking me to hospital as mum explained how high my pain threshold is.

Once I got to the hospital they gave me tablets for the pain and nausea and I told them it’s not going to work, I am in too much pain. I will throw them up.

Yup, within 5 minutes I threw them up. So they put me on a drip. Did some blood tests and an ultrasound.

The waiting begun.

My white blood cells were through the roof which explained my temp and cold sweats. The ultrasound showed fluid around my ovary. Meaning a cyst burst.

Basically I needed to go and get a prescription for the pill and change my diet as I was overweight as well, which was something else I was bullied for.

After seeing my local GP, she confirmed I had PCOS and recommended the pill and a diet change. Gave me a diet full of bread, dairy, and processed shit with a side of meat and veg. Looking back now, I cringe!!!

I remember being home one day listening to my friend and my boyfriend were researching what PCOS was.

“Does this mean she could turn into a dude?” They both giggled, not realising their humour at the time I cried and cried. It was another blow to my self worth.

Weight gain, excess dark hair, acne, infertility, period pain, extra hormonal, high testosterone just to name a few symptoms. I even question what the fuck was going on with my body.

You have to remember this is a 16 year old girl, at the peak of discovering her body and sexuality. I was so confused to say the least.

So I started this “diet” and the Yasmin pill and off I went. The weight did go and I felt good (or so I thought) for the years to come.

The weight also came and went. I tried so many diets and fad trends. When I was 19 I found a company that made diet and workout plans. I flogged my ass at the gym for 2 hours a day. The heaviest I got was 97kgs. I felt disgusting. With a new boyfriend, Sheldon. I didn’t feel good enough and so fat for him. Although he never said anything about my weight I felt disgusting. I guess it came from the teenage years of bullying and the fear of not being a woman.

I had been with Sheldon for a while and we spoke about kids once or twice but I reminded him I couldn’t have them. That’s what multiple doctors said. I knew in a way that it never sat well with him although it wasn’t the reason we broke up.

After flogging my ass at the gym and going on a restricted diet which still had bread and dairy (again, crinngeee!!) I weighed the lightest I had been in my adult years, 67kgs.

It didn’t last long though. As soon as I let go of my routine of gym routine the weight slowly creeped back in. I couldn’t keep up that lifestyle anymore. 2 hours a day in the gym just wasn’t what made me happy anymore. It wasn’t worth the number on the scale. I felt exhausted, which I learnt later down the track that overdoing exercise can make your PCOS worse!!! You may lose weight for a while, but then it’s harder to shift if you gain it again.

Another blow to the self worth.


Then, Ashley and I found eachother again and got married in 2015. Before we were married we had the talk about kids and I told him again, the doctors said I can’t have kids. He accepted it but always said, “If it happens it happens, you would make a great mum.”

I never believed him because the professionals always said I couldn’t.

After we wedded in May 2015, I had a major anxiety attack which lead me down the path to seeing a naturopath.

I was always interested in natural remedies but knew nothing about them. I only heard how they are a load of shit and they just want your money. But me being me wanted to learn for myself.

I found Saphy. If you have been following me for a while you know I owe my life to her. I even dedicated my first eBook to her because when I met her my life shifted tenfold.

We firstly worked on my weight and my anxiety for the first 6 months. Saphy opened my eyes to how bad dairy and gluten is for PCOS. I don’t need to give you the info just google, “Dairy and PCOS” the info out there is insane!!
We dropped my weight back down to 72kgs after being at 87.


I remember seeing Saphy in January 2016. Saphy reminded me we fixed pretty much everything except my hormones, was I ready to come off contraception?

So I went home and I asked ashley. Do I come off the pill? I have been living a very natural lifestyle for a while. My body felt the best it had ever felt but the pill was still something I didn’t know if I was ready to let go of.

I was on the pill for 7 years! It’s all I knew! I never had a period without the pill. I had no idea what I was in for.

Ashley was so supportive. He told me to do it, the likelyhood of me falling pregnant was highly unlikely but if it happens it happens. Do what makes you feel best.

So I came off it.

The weight came back, the pains in my ovaries came back, the dark hairs were popping up more often. I wanted to revert back to the pill so many times.


For over a year, I didn’t get a period. Nothing. Saphy and I were both getting pissed off with my body wasn’t doing it’s job. I just wanted my hormones fixed!

We decided to do a saliva test. It’s this test where you spit in different jars for a 28 day cycle to see where your hormones were sitting. Delicious, I know.

Turns out my hormones were fuccckkkedd up! Haha. My testosterones was triple what it was supposed to be. I was ovulating in the wrong part of the cycle. Estrogen was super high and progesterone was low. It was a mess.

So saphy re-evaluated what she was putting in my herbs and we went from that. With that I got a period in 3 months. Very light but it was something! 15 months without anything I was happy with that!

Another month came, nothing. 2 months, nothing.

I then was made aware about the testosterone that goes into most meats these days. I thought, hey. My testosterone is high. Maybe if I quit it even for 3 months, I can see if it will help lower my testosterone.

Within a month, I had my first proper period. Healthy, no cramps. I was shocked. I said to myself, “holy fuck, is this what a period supposed to be like?” This is amazing!!

When I told Saphy she was surprised as much as I was. We were both trilled.

Although my cycle was still all over the place I decided to track my cycle with an app called Kindra. It went on your temperature and a few other things.

I didn’t use it for long because a week after my first proper period. I fell pregnant.

So that’s my story.

So if you take anything from this, I would seriously suggest looking into a naturopath or at least some form of natural remedy. Acupuncture, yoga, chiropractor. Anything! But make sure you stick to it for at least 6 months. Natural therapies fix the cause not put a bandaid over it like most pharmaceuticals do.

I am not ripping on the medical industry. It is so needed for so many things. But it’s good to try everything before you give up on falling pregnant.

Try a diet with no dairy, gluten and refined sugar! The best thing I ever did!! If you can and are willing try no meat for 3 months just to give your body a rest. Since being pregnant I have had red meat a few times but do not crave meat as much as I used to. Don’t judge it til you’ve tried it.

If you are not wanting to fall pregnant now, but would like too and you have PCOS get off the pill! Your body can take forever to get it out of your system. For me it was 15 months. I know ladies who struggled for nearly 3 years!

Keep informed by highly reccomended people. There is a lady call Nat Kringoudis. She is an Australian known epic woman who specialises in hormones, Endo and PCOS. You can join her membership program, listen to her podcasts or download her courses on her website.

I have followed her for a while and it was so good to confirm what I was doing was helping me and to have that second opinion which lined up with my naturopaths.

And lastly, don’t give up on what you want. If you want children please make sure you try all your options. Try a naturopath, try new things. Something else I did was learn about chakras and the masculine and feminine energy. Everything ties together. Mentally, physically and spiritually. It makes me so sad when people say they have tried everything but have never opted for a naturopath or given up dairy. Just try it. Please.

If you have any questions about my journey or if you are in Brisbane and would like my naturopaths details, feel free to connect with me and I am happy to help you.


Thank you for reading my epic journey and I wish you the very best on yours. <3


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  1. Saphy on October 29, 2017 at 6:14 pm

    Waw What a journey with you Rhi, I remembered your first time I asked you to go off the pill, you were so anxious, and you actually told me you want to wait a bit longer. and I remembered when you told me that your doctor said you have never ovulated in your life

    Then look where we are now, best news ever when I have heard that you are pregnant, .. I’m so happy for you, you are one of my best client that I will respect and love forever .. cant wait to meet your little one 😀


    • theselfloveclub on October 31, 2017 at 10:26 am

      Awh! Saphy you are so beautiful! Thank you for your kind words! You mean so much to me. Thank you for everything you do for me and your clients. xoxo

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