Stop putting yourself last.

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For the sake of your soul, stop putting yourself last.

You’re exhausted, drained. Craving time alone but you’re surrounded by the chaos of day to day life.

The days are smooshing together, you can’t even remember what you did on what days.

As soon as you wake up you roll over to your phone and immediately you’re bombarded with what the day brings.

A to-do list so long that it could last you a whole month, messages to respond to because people are depending on you, your own little family, with their own expectations.

You have to remember to eat well, drink water, shower and get a good nights rest.
And even that sometimes is a struggle.

This is your sign to put the to-do list on hold. Ignore the messages from social media, put all of it aside and do something for your soul.

What have you been craving to do?
Read a book? Take yourself out for a coffee? A hike? A dip in the ocean? A nap?

Your mental health is vital. Your happiness will flow on to those around you. If you’re feeling flat, your environment will be affected.

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