What will the cards say for you?


Having a tarot card reading with myself will be different from any other kind you may have done in the past. I use my own intuition to bring to the surface what I am feeling going on for you in the present moment. The cards are used to guide me to the challenges at hand.

Depending on the length of time you choose to have your session, I pull out a certain amount of cards and I go over them one by one and tell you what is coming up with each card. 

This is where my intuition kicks in and really taps into what is going around you.

After I have gone through all the cards, I confirm with you if what I am saying is correct or a little off. This is your opportunity to express how you feel, talk things through etc.

With your permission, I ask if you would like some coaching and practical tools to help you through whatever challenges come up for you. 


We then close the session by drawing 3 more cards to confirm everything mentioned in the session.


The reason I do it this way is I want to help you understand what's going on and give you the option to take action from what you discover - rather than just hearing what the cards have to say.


A 30-minute session is $59

A 60-minute session is $97


These sessions can be done in person at my office in Springfield, or over a video call online.


To book your session, you can contact me here.


Look forward to bringing out the best in you!



Ready to see what the cards say?

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"I had a tarot reading with Rhi earlier today and she was amazing! I loved it so much and cannot wait for next time, Rhi definitely has a gift" - Alesha

"I had a tarot reading with Rhi today, as I was looking for direction within several aspects of my life. She did an incredible job and allowed some more clarification. If you want things put into perspective and shine a little, then I would totally recommend getting a reading 💕 Thank-you so much for your time 😌" - Caitlin.