The story of how I manifested Ariel.

Do you know, we are the creators of our reality? 

We literally manifest our lives moment by moment!

The difference is, the majority of us do this unconsciously, with absolutely no awareness that things keep happening over and over.

You keep finding guys that treat you like shit.

You feel like you NEVER get in front with your bills.

You are getting sick all the frikken time.

This is manifesting in its finest form my darlings.

BUT, did you know you can manifest AMAZING things into your life? Rather than crappy things?

I manifesting my dog Ariel. I know it sounds weird.
For a long time, I wanted my own purebred Siberian Husky. I wanted a puppy because at the time I had a cat, so I needed the dog to be small to grow with the cat so she wasn’t afraid.
I also wanted her to be from a shelter. I wanted to support adoptions not breeding.

Also, a little side note, when I was little I always said if I was to ever have a little girl, her name would be Ariel like the little mermaid.

Anyways, a month after moving out of my mums home. On my newsfeed was a shelter dog page that just had a litter of purebred Siberian Huskys!

They were all named after Disney characters because the mum is called Lilo.

So there Ariel was. A 12-week old puppy. I sent in my application. Out of 30 people that applied for her alone, I was the only one they called.

Ariel was $650 to buy and I did not have the funds as I just moved out of home. I said to my husband.
“If the money comes to me by this Friday, I will buy her. Otherwise she wasn’t meant to be.”

2 days later, I was paid $650 from a client! The exact amount I needed.

So obviously, I adopted her!

When I got home with Ariels papers, I realised she was born on the 11th of the 11th. 11/11 is a powerful spiritual number meaning you are on the right path.

I literally got everything I ever wanted in one gorgeous little puppy.

I think that’s a little TOO much, to call a coincidence, don’t you think?

I also totally manifested my husband back into my life.
I manifested this baby (although, I did this from fear not from love) this is why when you fear more debt, it keeps coming and coming. 
I manifested my car.
I even manifested my home!

What have you consciously manifested in your life?

Would you like to learn how to manifest ALL of your dreams?

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