Trust in the divine timing

‘It’s all in the divine timing.’
How many times have you heard that?
I’ve lost count how many times I have seen that or heard it this week. My head was about to explode. You’re talking to one of the most impatient people on the planet right now.
When I want something. I want it NOW.
So how do we trust that everything happens when it happens for a reason? Rather than right in the moment I crave it?

Well, let’s get blunt here. Have you ever in anger said to someone ‘I wish you would fuck off and leave me alone’?

Imagine if that came true in that moment and then you got your wish, you never saw them again. 

I can think of a few things I truly didn’t mean but am SO grateful it didn’t manifest into reality.

That’s why things don’t happen straight away. We don’t fall pregnant when we want to, we don’t get the money we desire. We don’t find love when we’re lonely. It’s because the universe is setting it all up for you and making sure in the process it’s something you really truly want.

So keep going. Every day put out there what you want to attract. Be sure it’s what you want. Do the work you need to do and just keep going.

The universe will provide.
It’s not a race.
Do not compare.
It’s yours when you’re truly ready. 



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