2020 is fast approaching…

I am sure you have some big goals you want to achieve in that year!

I know I do!

One of my favourite ways to keep on track with my goals is to have a vision board!

These works SO WELL for the visionary style of person…

So if you are someone who likes to use your imagination, can visualise well in meditations or learn from visually watching or reading, a vision board is for you!

You can have a digital one on your phone or desktop – but I love a good old fashion physical one on the wall.

The process I go through when making my vision board is…

1: Remembering my why. In the centre I have my “why”. Why I do what I do. This helps me stay motivated and focused when I feel like I am not making progress. My why is what drives me even on the days I don’t want to show up!

2: Collect photos that MOVE MY SOUL not just any photo. An example of this is my health. I am working towards releasing excess weight. Instead of using a photo of someone on pinterest, I printed a photo of myself of a time I looked and felt the best. That is my motivation. Also, photos of places I want to see in Australia. I picked ones that made me go WOW. Not just ones you see on advertisements. Another one is a house, I have photos of houses I LOVE not just think are pretty, I have floorplans, ideas of location etc on my vision board.

3: Have badass affirmations and beliefs around my goals and vision. This helps me create statements that brings me back to my focus. Again, where focus goes, energy flows. These statements are things that you would say to your best friend when supporting them. EG: “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” “You are worthy of everything and more.” etc.

4: Have attached a list of things I can action daily. EG: Move my body, content creation, meditate, etc. This way when I feel like I don’t know what to do to move me forward, I have something to come back to.

Once I have created it, I place it somewhere where I can see it. The brain has a way of picking up information it sees, even if you think you are not taking it in. So when its in your sight, your brain will do the work and start finding things that connects to whats on the vision board. Kind of like when you say you want a red mini cooper, and you start to see red mini coopers everywhere.

Some other things to remember…

It’s okay to change your mind. If you decide you don’t want that car, take it off and change it.

Make sure that every goal you have is a goal you truly want. Not a borrowed goal, not because your friends have a house in the suburbs, not because your mentor tells you that you have to achieve this – but because YOU want to.

Have fun with it!!! Make it yours, you don’t have to share it with the world (hence why some things have been covered on this image) 

Are you going to make a vision board for next years goals? I would love for you to message me your board if you want to share! 😀

If you have any questions about your vision board, pop them below and I will answer them. xo

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