What does your ideal life look like?


The ideal life isn’t the same for everyone.

Some people love working 80 hours a week and building multiple billion dollar companies.
Others prefer to live in a van on $200 a week and travel Australia.
Some people feel like their whole world is their children, others believe their whole world starts within. 
One person enjoys that greasy animal product burger.
Another chooses to each a refreshing vegan salad.
Some feel like the best thing to invest in is materialistic items, others believe in investing in their health.

You see, none of what you do is wrong or right.

The only time it’s wrong is if it DOES NOT MAKE YOU HAPPY.

You are not thinking about anyone else’s opinion on what you do, you are focusing on what your opinion is on what you do.
You work 80 hours a week because YOU love it and it makes YOU happy and fills your soul.

Not because you think you have to.

You have children because it is what YOU wanted, to be the best role model to the next generation, not because society says you find love, get married, buy a house then have kids.
You eat plant-based because it is what feels aligned to your core values and purpose, not because it’s in fashion.
You prefer to spend $300 on 100% organic food rather than on $300 shoes because it’s what makes YOU feel happy, not because of any other reason.

You see, there is no wrong or right.

I lived my life behind the scenes always push push push don’t stop because nothing is done.

At one point I ate whatever everyone else was eating because it was easier.
I was in a 9-5 office job because it’s what I thought I was supposed to do.
I was dishing my energy out to every single person because I thought I had to please everyone.
I thought I needed to build a big modern home so I looked like I had it all.
I thought I needed to spend 2 hours a day inside a building pumping weights and running hard to lose weight.

But that isn’t how I want to live my life.

I choose to connect with others on a soul level.
I choose to eat foods that make me feel good.
I choose to go on hikes and do yoga to move my body.
I choose to live in the present now, rather than a never-ending to-do list.
I choose to work when I want how I want because that is important to me.
I choose to spend time with people who support all my goals and desires.
I choose to save for my forever home, an open floor plan cabin in a rainforest that is smaller than the average home.
I choose to buy a motorhome and travel while I work.

Life is a choice.

Society tells you what you should do, but you can choose what you do, do.

There is no right or wrong.

If you take anything from this post, please let it be this.

Don’t ever let the opinion of someone else shape your life.
Every time you do something ask if it makes YOU happy? Does it make your heart fill with joy?

Deconstruct your life and ask is your job, relationships, income, health making you happy.

Life is too fucking short to live in someone else’s shoes.

Soulful hugs,
Rhi. xo

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