I called him the love of my life the moment I knew my worth.


Where in your life do you judge people?

I called in the love of my life the moment I knew my worth.

I dated Ashley in early 2010 but because of events that occurred back then, we went our separate ways. 

I remember getting off the plane after knowing that was the last time I would see Ashley forever (so I thought)
I hugged my mum.
She asked me if I was okay and I said through the tears,
“I will be, because I know deep down in my core – he is my soul mate. We will meet again.”

I met someone else, and while with him; Ashley’s and my paths crossed over but it wasn’t the right timing. 
I was still in love with my partner at the time, Ashley was in another state with a partner also. 

Months went on, and I realised the relationship I was in was my biggest growing point. I learnt my worth, I learnt what I deserved, I learnt my value.

I was falling out of love and I remember for the first time praying for answers on how to leave because I was scared too. But I knew I was worthy of more.

My brother came home the following day and said that he had lunch with Ashley – he’s moving back home. 

I was in shock. I knew in my soul that this was my sign. My relationship with my ex-partner was coming to an end, I could feel it for weeks, I just had to decide.

And I did.  
I walked away.

When I did, I took my time with Ashley, really making sure that this time, it wasn’t me being worthy of him, it was him being worthy of me.

When I learnt this, my whole perception of relationships changed.

It wasn’t just about what I could offer him or anyone – it was what he could offer me.

What was it that I deserved?
What was it that was a MUST for me in a relationship?
What was it that needed boundaries?

I wasn’t clear about those things before meeting my ex.

I wasn’t going to repeat the same pattern.

Learning this (and many more things about relationships) has set the bar for my marriage.

You see, so many people put marriage under the list of things they have succeeded.

But a marriage, a relationship is only as successful as the quality of work put into it.

The personal development,
The growth,
The communication,
The reduced amount of expectation and assumptions.

It’s only until then you can truly call in the relationship of your dreams (even with the person you are with now)

So, I ask you.

Do you want to call in the relationship you are worth?
Either with the partner, you are with now, or someone new.
Because if you are, I would love to help you.

I would love to help you have a clear understanding of how to call that in using spiritual and practical tools to do so.

If you are in, please message me and I will chat with you more about how I can support you through this process.

Because we all deserve high-quality love.


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