"Why don't I love myself?"

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IMG_0201 BWI asked my Creating Change Community what would it take to stand in the mirror butt naked and love yourself 10/10?
Majority of them rated themselves 4 or 5/10 and my heart sank.
Then I asked, “What would it take for you to love yourself 10/10?
Their answers were different, but all came back to “I need to lose some weight, or get a boob job.”
This triggered something in me, because I was reminded how much these women, and I am sure a heap more are STILL so focused on what they look like to love themselves completely.
I see all different sizes come into my boudoir studio. Size 6 – 24, ladies with skin conditions, fine hair, acne or even the most flawless skin. Yet the all STILL don’t love what they see in the mirror.
I have been 107kgs, I have been 67kgs. And right now, being pregnant and all, I am 84kgs.
Yeah, I gave you the numbers. Because they are just fucking numbers. Like your height, your shoe size, your bra size and the number of your house.
And what I can tell you is, I have NEVER loved myself more than I do now. Even before I found out I was pregnant.
So many people are so wrapped up STILL in what society shows us as beautiful. That we need to be a certain size, skin colour, etc.
And being someone who has been heavy and slim. I can tell you that when you lose the weight you STILL won’t be happy. You will find more things.
I did it, I remember being sad I lost weight in my boobs, my butt had never been flatter and I have no real curve.
The way to love yourself completely is all in your mindset!
I did a photoshoot recently, pictured below of me naked. I asked to pose me in such way where you see my rolls and NO PHOTOSHOP.
I am sick of seeing these posed women in clever angles preaching their love for themselves. I mean, hats off to them to loving themselves. But it never inspired ME.
That’s why I chose to be the inspiration.
I will be that person for you, that bares their rolls, skin, no makeup, no pretty hair colour. To show you that yes, you can fucking love your body NO MATTER WHAT.
There are women I follow who have 85% of their body full of burns and they love themselves more than the average size 10 women.
That to me shows, it’s all in your mind and emotions. NOT WHAT YOU SEE IN THE MIRROR.
So, I want to know.
What do you think it will take to allow yourself to love yourself how you are right now?
Whether you are a size 6, size 26, someone with a physical disability.
When you answer that question, ask yourself if your answer was based on how you LOOK. Not how you FEEL.
That is where you will never love how you look.
And if it is how you feel, how do you think you want to feel? And what do you need to do to feel that way?
Like the saying goes, you wouldn’t tell your mum, sister or best friend that they are fat, even if you know they are twice the size of you. So why the fuck do you tell yourself the same?
Think about the inspiration you are showing your daughter! If you hate yourself, how can they love themselves? They look up to you MORE THAN ANYONE.
Even your son, how are you showing him that everyone is beautiful? And that’s okay.
Over the next couple of weeks I am going to be diving in to how to use your mentality to love yourself in the mirror, the experience I went through which helped me lose weight unintentionally without going on some crazy hardcore diet.
If you would like to learn this too, feel free to join my epic community.
Please feel free to share this, or tag someone you know that needs to hear this. <3
I love you. You are beautiful. You are worthy of loving yourself.

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