You don't have to have it all together

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Stop acting as if you have it together 24/7.
If you say you’ve got it all together all the time, you’re lying to yourself.
We only see your highlights on social media, but it’s okay to admit your moments of weakness.
I have them.
My kitchen looks like I have cooked for 100 people.
A few days ago I couldn’t settle Atlas, so I called my mum and told her to come to deal with her grandson before I lose my mind.
I have about 25 unread messages that I just haven’t gotten around to replying to! Most from people I adore. Shame on me!
I napped with Atlas today because I was tired.
I still get triggered by people who in my eyes say/do/believe ridiculous things. When really I should let it goooo.
Some nights, every time I have woken for Atlas I go to the fridge to eat some dairy-free chocolate first. 😅
Today I completely forgot to drink water!

But the thing is I focus on who I am in the present day.
All I can do is work on me, right in this moment.
Not the girl that said mean things a few years ago.
Not the girl who downed a whole GF pizza in 10 minutes a few months ago.
Not the girl who did everything on her to do list.

Today is the only day I can work on.
And each day won’t go to plan.
Some days I will rock the fuck out of like superwoman.
Some days I will cry in the corner hoping no one notices.
Some days I will eat perfectly and exercise, maybe throw a meditation in there.
Some days I will only eat chocolate and a chai latte.
But we’re human.
We’re not meant to be perfect.
We are allowed to be flawed and own it.
Because we’re souls just needing to learn what we need to in this life.

Its okay to not have it all together.
No one is perfect.

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